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What happens when a leader leaves?

When a member of the leadership team leaves, there are a number of extra tasks that need to be completed. These mainly deal with documentation and aspects of our automated infrastructure.

Dealing with documentation

  • Move the leader to the Former Canoeists page on the company website.
  • Replace any references to the leader in this handbook.
  • Look through the, and files in project repositories, and raise merge requests to remove references to the leader.
  • Remove the leader from any Trello boards and other client-facing documentation.
  • Ensure that the leader does not own any remaining project documents.

Email infrastructure

  • Remove the leader from shared email addresses, such as alert.
  • Remove the leader's personal email forwarder and replace it with an auto-response which sends people to hello@.

Automated systems

  • Some automated repositories have the GitLab usernames stored in environment variables. These should be replaced with the CTO's username.

Project infrastructure

  • Set an expiration date on GitLab group or project memberships. This should be the leaver's last day in the company.

Back-end infrastructure

  • Remove any user accounts the leader has on Beautiful Canoe servers.