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How to start a new project

There are a number of admin jobs to do when a new project is created, so that each new project runs like our current ones. Most of these jobs are quick and simple, but they all need to be done as soon as the project starts.


If your new runner will deploy a public URL, please add it to the company dashboard on uptimerobot for live monitoring, and ensure that alerts go to and to the relevant -project Slack channel (or bc-online if your project is internal). For the Slack alert, you will need to create a new webhook in our Slack app. If you don't have access to our uptimerobot account, or our Slack app, please ask the CTO. If your site has an SSL certificate, please also raise an issue and an MR to add it to our SSL validation script in the cron repository. Your SSL certificate should also be renewed automatically

We've put each task in its own file, to make this guide a bit easier to read. You should set the repository up first, but the other tasks can be done in any order:

Lastly, remember to create a merge request to increase the number of projects on the Former Canoeists page on the site!

Projects that will live in a new group

The documentation in this section of the handbook assumes that your new project will live within the beautifulcanoe group. If that is not the case, there are a number of extra tasks that need to be completed, to ensure that the new project and group will work with the rest of our automated systems.

If you are starting a new GitLab group, please follow the instructions on the How to start a new group page.